Life Meter Energy

Discover the hidden energy fields of both living and non-living material using a convenient, easy-to-operate device.


What is a Life-Energy Meter?

Through his extensive research, scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich determined that living or not, everything on earth possesses a certain energy. He named this universal energy “orgone,” though other cultures and practices have different names for the same concept—including “chi,” “prana,” and “life force.”

Further research revealed to Dr. Reich that this non-electronic energy had the potential to be detected and measured. In the 1940s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich developed a device that can measure and test the energy fields of both living and non-living things.

This device, now known as the Experimental Life-Energy Field Meter, is an excellent research instrument for enthusiasts and scientists alike who wish to study the universal life-force present in the world around us.

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Non-Electrical Energy Measurement

Unlike other energy meters, the Experimental Life-Energy Field Meter does not measure an object’s electromagnetic field. Instead, the device works by detecting life-force energy specifically.

As noted by the Orgone Biophysical Research Library, the device only responds to certain types of matter, which includes living organisms (strong reaction), liquid water (mild reaction), and “moisture-bearing or metal-containing materials.” These types of materials, Reich posits, are responsible for transmuting negative energies into orgone energy.

One fascinating revelation that the Meter showed was that the energy from dying matter, such as a leaf, was much lower than that of a living, healthy item of the same type. Similarly, growing material (like yeast) showed an increase in readings that scaled according to its growth.

The device is still considered experimental, so no wide claims can yet be made. However, experiments in a controlled environment are ongoing.

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