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What is Shungite and How Does it Work?

Shungite is a very rare stone that comes from a meteor that can only be found in Karelia Russia. This mineral has some incredible scientific properties that can be used to improve your health and environment. It is the only known natural material that contains fullerenes which are powerful antioxidants.

  • A natural antioxidant that can increase human immunity with regards to many serious illnesses and suppress the development of many allergic diseases;
  • A sorbent, purifying air and water from many organic and inorganic compounds and from excess of free radicals;
  • A catalyst, which ensures decomposition of organic substances sorbed and restoration of the sorption properties;
  • A carrier of wide range of micro-elements and biologically active substances, intensifying biological processes in the bodies of human beings and animals;
  • A material, actively interacting with electromagnetic fields of different nature (anthropogenic high-frequency, solar, geopathogenic, biofields) and neutralizing their negative impact.

What Are Fullrenes?

Fullerenes are a globular hollow molecule consisting of several dozens of carbon atoms. When fullerenes, a special molecular formation, were discovered in shungite a few decades ago, it became a sensation. Fullerenes, getting in our body, behave as the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant as a means to fight free radicals. Today, doctors have great hopes for fullerenes.

The importance of this discovery is that until that time, scientists were aware only of three modifications of carbon – diamond, graphite and carbyne. The new molecule cuts diamond as oil, slows down the growth of cancer cells, and substances from fullerenes can slow down the activity of the AIDS virus. The discovery of the fullerene was a real breakthrough in nanotechnology and was declared a sensation of the 20th century. The scientists who have made it received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996.

Shungite contains a large majority of the periodic table. However, as everyone knows, not all chemical elements have a positive effect on a human being so it must be handled with care. This is just an amazing quality of this stone: only those elements which are necessary and useful for a living organism come into water.

The natural black stone shungite is a real miracle. It is a cure of many illnesses and savior of lives.


What Does Shungite Do?

Shungite is a powerful stone to shield you from the electromagnetic radiation given off by electrical equipment, including computers, mobile phones, microwaves and televisions.

It also has an action that heals those who have developed a sensitivity to man-made electrical devices.

Just placing an orgonite pyramid on your desk while your work or on your nightstand next to your bed can drastically improve your mood and help you shift your consciousness to a higher vibration.

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