Orgonite Energy


What is Orgonite?

The orgonite pyramid is made of metal and crystals sealed in resin. While lovely to look at, these orgonite pyramids serve an important purpose in harnessing and directing orgone energy.

When the resin cools, it applies constant pressure or energy to the enclosed gemstones and metals within. As a result, it creates a self-driven and continuous energy point. The orgonite pyramid transmutes negative energy (ions) into positive orgone, which removes harmful energy from the environment and improves overall energy and well-being within the space the pyramid is used.

about dr. Reich

Understanding the Science Behind Orgone Energy

In the 1930s, Austrian scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich coined the term “orgone energy” to describe the life force that makes up all matter in the universe. You may have heard other terms used to describe this universal energy, such as “life force,” “chi,” or “prana.”

Also a philosopher and psychoanalyst, Dr. Reich studied anxiety and neurosis closely. He hoped that his understanding of the human mind and his discovery of “orgone” would allow him to offer a more holistic treatment method to patients suffering from emotional pain.

Through his research, Dr. Reich experimented with ways to harness orgone energy and use it for healing and energy balancing within his space. Ultimately, he developed the orgonite pyramid.

While Dr. Reich devoted himself to his work, hoping his research would lead to healing on a grand scale for humanity, official government entities like the FDA disapproved of his findings. Many disregarded Reich’s studies, labeling him a “quack” and attempting to refute his discoveries about universal energy.

However, Reich’s research and devotion did not follow him to his grave. After his death, the idea of orgone energy continued to fascinate and drew others to continue Reich’s mission. Eventually, researcher James Demero founded the Orgone Biophysical Research Library in Ashland, OR.


Using Orgonite in Your Life

The energy transfer created by an orgonite pyramid is ongoing, making it a fantastic and self-sustaining tool to use in your daily life.

Some Key Benefits of Orgonite:

Just placing an orgonite pyramid on your desk while your work or on your nightstand next to your bed can drastically improve your mood and help you shift your consciousness to a higher vibration.

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